Naval Weapons Station Yorktown-Cheatham Annex-Huntington Hall MWR Recreation

MWR provides many recreational opportunities at NSA Hampton Roads to meet the recreation and entertainment needs of the US Navy. Whether you are a twenty year veteran of the U.S. Armed forces or have just arrived from basic training MWR can help you find recreational activities to make your life on base more rewarding.

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CAX - Parks & Picnic Areas

Ph: 757-887-7418

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CAX - Deer Cove Golf Course

CAX • 484 Toledo Ct. • Ph: 757-887-6539

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CAX - Outdoor Equipment Rental

CAX • Bldg. 236. • Ph: 757-887-7418

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CAX - Tickets & Travel

CAX • Bldg. Bldg. 236 • Ph: 757-887-7418

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WPNSTA Yorktown - Outdoor Equipment Rental Center

WPNSTA Yorktown • Bldg. 1987 • Ph: 757-256-1420

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WPNSTA Yorktown - Tickets & Travel Office

Yorktown • Bldg. 2006 • Ph: 757-887-7395

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WPNSTA Yorktown - Twin Pin Bowling Center

WPNSTA Yorktown • Bldg. 1976 • Ph: 757-887-4207

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